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All of your listings are available on Zumper Pro, but you should download your PadLister rental applications and credit checks by July 1, as those haven't been moved over. We've left this site up so that you can do that, but many of the functions to add or change data have been disabled, to prevent the accounts from getting out of sync.
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PadLister is a full suite of tools for renting

  • Advertising

    If you post your listing here, PadLister will automatically post your listing on PadMapper. We will also syndicate your listing to other property portals (including Oodle and Rentbits) for free!

  • Online Applications

    Once you've gotten leads, and shown the place, save yourself and your future tenants another meeting by taking applications online.

    See an example application or, the result (with credit score and background screening).

  • Automated Screening

    PadLister's online applications automatically pull the credit score of the applicant and check for criminal records, past evictions, and more. No more collecting money or giving receipts for rental applications - the applicant authorizes the checks and pays directly.

  • Free (Mostly)

    Posting a listing is free. PadLister makes money via the fee for the online applications. The fee is less than the amount most screening companies would charge, and the renter pays the fee.

  • Even more benefits for landlords and brokers

    • Your personal PadMapper

      If you have a lot of listings on PadLister, customers will appreciate the ability to browse them on a map of just your listings, and pick out the ones they like. PadMapper can be set to show only your listings.

    • Compare rental prices

      Integration with PadMapper makes it easy to see what similar properties nearby are asking.

    • Less paper, more organized

      PadLister stores correspondence and applications online with the listings, so you can always keep track of things.

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Eric DeMenthon, PadMapper
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